Tax Team Services

Our Services Include

Fast and accurate individual and business income tax preparation

Pay nothing out of pocket with a federal refund anticipation check

Relationships! We promise to exceed your expectations

Quality service providing expert advice in a timely fashion

Tax planning and organization

365 support for all customers

Protection Plus/ Ausit

Walk ins welcome and drop off services available for your convenience

W2 early access

Second look review to make sure the other guys didn’t miss anything on your taxes

Tax and health care review on an individual and family basis

File LLC or corporation papers with the State of Michigan and the Internal

Revenue Service

Obtain Employer Identification Number with the Internal Revenue Service

File Trademarking papers on the state and federal levels

Fulfill all bookkeeping needs

Get your payroll system set up and perform daily maintenance

Credit Repair

Fill out FAFSA paperwork for you

Set up loan forgiveness, rehab program or consolidation

Provide complete marketing plan based on your bottom line

Get a jumpstart on filing your taxes and find out how your taxes can work for you.  Pay nothing out of pocket with a federal refund anticipation check.  Find out how today!

Some expect large refunds.  We want to assist you in purchasing that new car, connect you to those who can help you buy that new house, and plan your financial future one step at a time.

So as soon as you receive the necessary paperwork (i.e. 1099/W2, 1098T from school, annual mortgage statement, etc.) you want to file.  And if you are expecting a large refund, you can stop in any day to receive a free estimate.  Set your appointment to come in and begin the planning process and see how your taxes can work for you.

However, those of you expecting to owe the IRS, you may want to wait closer to the deadline, April 15.  But we don’t want you to wait to gather all of your documents.  Let us show you why we are called the “Deduction Specialists”.

Benefits of filing early? Click to show the answer.

Faster payout for refund checks

First come, first serve

The earlier you file, the less likely you are to wait even one day longer than the typical 8-21 days

For those that owe, filing early gives you time to set up payment arrangements on or before April 15th.