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We Care About Our Community!

We strive to serve our neighbors in the community through more than practicing taxes law alone—we also want to help create stronger and safer communities by providing more opportunities. 

REFER A FAMILY IN NEED: We are sending Season Greetings from Tax Team Services! We are reaching out to all of our friends, family, and clients due to an overwhelming influx of families that NEED HELP!

If you know of any family that have children that are at risk of missing out on having a "Merry Christmas" because of tough times in the Metro Detroit area, please submit their story and information to us TODAY.

We will be choosing one special family, and will be bringing Christmas to their doorstep!

This is just our small token of relief to parents that are in need of a break this holiday season, so they can see a smile on their children's faces.

Please, reply with the following:

- Your Contact Information
- The Story of the Referred Family
- Contact Information for the Referred Family

And we will handle the rest!
Deadline for submissions is Monday, December 15, 2022.


Deadline for submissions is Monday, December 17, 2022.


Thanks! Message sent.

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