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Introducing Tax Team Services, Your Minority-Owned Financial Avengers!

Our Mission: Launching Minority-Owned Service-Based Businesses into the Stratosphere of Savings, Investment, and Explosive Growth! With over 15 years of financial expertise in tax planning, business turnaround management, and bookkeeping sorcery, we're here to work our magic on your business. At Tax Team Services, we put on our capes of financial expertise to evaluate your finances and craft customized solutions that sync your business goals with pricing strategies, payroll decisions, hiring tactics, and overall financial harmony.

Budget-Friendly Solutions Await You!

We've got options for every treasure chest size:


Project-Based Fees

Tailored for those one-time adventures, perfect for individuals and small business pioneers.


Monthly Retainers

For the captains of industry who seek an all-inclusive "Done for You" solution.


Coaching Program

Calling all hands-on heroes! Our "Done with You" solution is designed just for you.

Our Superpower? Community-Driven Growth! Launching Our incredible community has fueled a jaw-dropping 500% growth for our firm in the last 9 years. We stand honored to help you shrink your tax bill, increase your wealth, and devise strategies to make your money work as hard as you do. Our unwavering passion for championing minority-owned businesses, combined with our expertise in tax planning, compels us to be your financial sidekicks year-round. Ready for your financial transformation? Embark on your journey to financial glory by scheduling a business consultation with us today. Together, we'll script your business' epic success story! 

Countdown until tax deadline for April 15, 2024

“I absolutely love Tax Team Services. It was so easy submitting and communicating online. The ease of service was much appreciated and they always got back to me in a timely fashion, if I ever had any questions” 


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